The main goal of the StreetMotions project is to increase the number of sports and recreational activities in cities and local environments, and by participating in them, motivate citizens to engage more in physical activity and recreation.
In order to achieve this goal, we will organize the promotion of traditional sports and games in the form of one-day events in 3 European cities (Split-Croatia, Glasgow-Scotland and Somma Vesuviana-Italy), where we will bring citizens closer to the history and culture of "our old" ... how did our parents, grandparents and grandparents laughed and spent their free time.

Furthermore, within the project, StreetMotions will be a mobile application that will enable citizens to get acquainted with all sports and recreational activities in their city and in the local community ... and by participating they will collect "active points" for themselves and for their neighborhood for "the most active neighborhood" at the end of the year.

Project duration: 01.01. - 31.12.2017.

EU Reference Project Number: 579891-EPP-1-2016-1-HR-SPO-SSCP

Total project value: 69,509.43 €
Assigned EU funds: 55,551.71 EUR

Program: Erasmus +
Sub-program: Sports
Activity: Collaboration Partnership

Faculty of Kinesiology Split

Association ANIMI, Split-Croatia
Association ZAJEDNO, Split-Croatia
SAPC Association, Glasgow-Scotland
Association CENTRO VITA, Somma Vesuviana-Italy

StreetMotions Mobile App

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